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I offer a variety of rewards to my VIPs and one of those rewards is your name and link on my website, and this is the place they go. From level Bodacious and above, you can tell me what thing you have going on that you would like pinned here. This could be your own YouTube or stream channel, maybe you have an Etsy, a DeviantArt or possibly your own website. Whatever it is, (some restrictions may apply), I will make a custom sticker for you, that includes your name, that links to your location of choice. I am looking forward to a collection of colourful pins building up on this pinboard below.

Please note; the higher your Patreon level, the larger the sticker.

I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to all the Poindexter and Radical VIPs out there. You are freakin' cool and nobody can deny it. May you live long and prosper, may the force or 'schwartz' be with you, and may you subscribe to Pewdiepie.