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Content and Christmas Plans

14th December 2020

Hello Peeps!

Things are largely getting back to normal for the channel, you will see there is lots lined up for content this week, finally.

I do plan to take some time away over christmas, but I will do my best to keep it short and to have something coming out on the channel during the days I have off, if possible. The channel has been so quiet recently that ultimately I don't really want to take times away, but it is christmas! So maybe a couple of days will be dark tops. I'll do what I can to avoid it though, promise.

Hope you are all well and have something going on for christmas. I know it is difficult with everything being as it is. I won't be seeing my parents this christmas, which will be the first christmas that has ever happened. Pretty upset it about it, but there we are, has to be done.

I hope you are all well, be excellent to each other.

The Times We Live In

2nd November 2020

Hello Peeps!

Well, it has been a crazy couple of weeks. Loads of new stuff came for Two Point Hospital, we had a SEGA 60th anniversary live stream where 2000 peeps tuned in and watched me strive for a new Steam achievement for Two Point Hospital. I also spent 84 hours over 5 days on an Evil Genius 2 video which, luckily, has been one of my most successful videos ever, it isn't the most viewed overall, but it is the most viewed for a new video. It was extremely successful, for me, which is what I needed after the production of it brought me to my knees.

It took me time to recover but last week we saw three series playing on my channel, and the annual Halloween Spooooooky Mode live stream at the weekend. We had a Two Point Jack-o-Lantern, I was covered in Raven feathers and drinking gin from a large red goblet. It was so much fun to kick back and chat with you all as we cured a record number of Frightheaded patients in Two Point Hospital.

This week, lockdown looms in the UK and I promise to keep the content levels high again for this coming month, in hopes to keep you all entertained with a variety of series leading up to the holidays.

Be excellent to each other.

What's All This Then?

12th October 2020

Hello Peeps!

Hope you are all well and thank you for the wealth of wonderful comments and support you have all shown recently, for myself and content, it has been truly amazing.

The schedule is looking a bit different this week, in fact, it might look a bit odd for the next couple of weeks. This week you can see there is some mystery content coming. I'm not at liberty to say exactly what at this time, so watch this space to find out!

I do want to assure all the peeps that have been enjoying Parkitect that this series is staying and won't be going anywhere. While there will be an episode missing this week, with a gap of no new Parkitect episodes for five days, please know that Parkitect will resume normal scheduling next week.

Be excellent to each other.

Things Are Afoot

05th October 2020

Hello Peeps!

Hope you are all well and thank you for your patience during my week away.

This week we will continue Parkitect and at the end of the month we shall be doing our annual Two Point Hospital Spooooooky Mode live stream on Halloween! I shall be sure to turn that face cam on, don a colourful wig with plenty of gin at the ready! How many Frightheaded patients can we cure this year!?

For all my stunning V.I.Peeps, I have just posted a Patron only post for you giving a little more detail about what I am currently up to and working on, as I have quite a bit in the pipeline, not really sure how I am going to cover it all. So please do, check that out if you are interest! https://www.patreon.com/posts/42395669

Be excellent to each other.

Guaranteed Games

07th September 2020

Hello Peeps!

Last week were a crazy one for me, with a couple of doctor visits and other things happening, so decided to not release a schedule as I really wasn't sure if I could stick to it, and just as well as there were no episodes for the weekend!

This week things should be a little more on track, so I am releasing the schedule and you will note a bunch of games have been added to the 'Starting Soon' section. While they are all due for release some time in 2021, I decided to add them because of all the games I have my eye on, these three I know for sure will be featured on my channel. Really looking for to them.

I hope you are all well, stay safe and be excellent to each other.

A Small Update

26th August 2020

Hello Peeps!

Not a lot going on currently with me. Weather is back to high wind and rain where I live. Dentists still not open, so just concentrating on making my content.

This week will see more Parkitect episodes, as I am ready to move on to a new park. I've also decided how to proceed with Project Hospital. We are going to complete the Overcure insurance and generally run the hospital, deal with cases and basically cover the 'Interesting Cases' series which I had planned out to follow. It won't be exactly what I had in mind, but will still be nice to play in my hospital before putting the game to rest.

Knowing that our time with Project Hospital is coming to end, I have been planning out a new series for the past few weeks, with a different game, which I am very excited to share soon. Amazingly, it isn't a hospital game! I know, shocking.

Before I sign off, I'd like to wish everyone in Louisiana and Texas to remain safe. I'm watching the progress with Hurricane Laura and thinking of you. x

So Hot!

17th August 2020

Hello Peeps!

It has been so hot here in the UK, this office has been awful to sit in. Everywhere has been awful to be but the office especially so. It got so hot in this office that my PC overheated and shut off at one point, right in the middle of recording! How very rude! XD

So over the weekend I took the time to install water-cooling in my PC. I've been planning it awhile and had the parts, so with all this extreme heat, now seemed like a good time to get it done. I posted some pictures on the discord, for anybody interested, but I shall show more images and talk about it more in a Patreon write-up soon.

I think in this years Black Friday Sales I am actually going to buy an aircon unit. Seems so weird to need an aircon unit here in the UK, but the summers are just getting that hot!

Oh yes! Games for the week, not a place to complain about heat. This week will see an increase in Project Hospital videos due to a new DLC that has been released for the game. However, next week we shall return to normal with more Parkitect episodes for anybody enjoying that series. I know I am!

Schedule Return

10th August 2020

Hello Peeps!

My goodness it is hot in the UK currently. My office is like a furnace, suffocating even. With two people and two PC's pumping out heat all day and it is STILL cooler inside the house! I think this year's Black Friday sales I am getting a small aircon unit for this office, because every summer I regret not picking one up the year before.

As you can see, there is a schedule this week! I am confident that my tooth is all better. On my trip to this special dentist drilling place that was pandemic safe, they told me what was wrong with my tooth. The tooth in question I actually had a root canal on 4 years ago, but it would seem the nerve inside was still live and kicking and became infected, which is what was causing the pain. So, they did a root canal on it again, put some meds in there and then packed it again with a temporay filling. And so far, all seems to be well. I just need to see my dentist for the permamant filling when they open again. Which is rumoured to be September. The bottom line is, I am out of pain, feel totally fine and normal, and I'm back to regular scheduled content. Thank you to all the peeps across the land that wished me well. Kept me going when I felt like hell on toast.

This week we shall have an episode of Animal Crossing. I've had a really nice break from AC after getting burned out with it. But I've been playing it again recently and it has been really nice. I won't be going back to regular episodes, but I am keen to cover this months firework event and future events as promised. I shall also be spending more time in AC chat on my discord, as I hope to get to some star shower parties and get back into the turnip market.

That's all for this week! Wash your hands, drink plenty of water, stay in the shade and have a great week everyone!

Dentist Appointment

3rd August 2020

Hello Peeps!

I finally have a dentist appointment this week, on Wednesday. Really pleased and I hope it solves all my problems.

I will be getting the first stage of a root canal, the filling will be a temporary one until my dentist opens for procedures. I'm getting my root canal done in the next town who are taking emergency cases and are all geared for drilling under the threat of the pandemic. Many precautions are being taken.

So, what does this mean for this week's content? I have already sorted the Patreon exclusive content for this Monday and Tuesday, so that is in the bag. I won't be releasing anything Wednesday. After that it is a little up in there air. I assure you I will record and release every day that I am able, for sure. So we should see some Parkitect and Project Hospital this week. And if all is still well by the weekend, even some Animal Crossing.

I want you to all know that the pain isn't as bad as it has been, I even have days where everything seems fairly normal, which is when I pounce on the chance to record. My painful days are okay, manageable, I just have trouble talking because I don't like my tongue brushing passed that tooth. But I am okay, please don't worry. I am fine.

I hope you are all well and enjoy what content I release this week. Your support and all the kind words I have been receiving mean a great deal to me. You are all so wonderful.

Tooth Pain Is Back!

27th July 2020

Hello Peeps!

We knew it could happen at anytime and here it is. My toothache is back and affecting my sleep and ability to talk. Same as last time I have been in contact with my dentist and the NHS emergency line and again they all agree I need to see a dentist. My local dentist is now open, FINALLY, but as you can imagine, everyone is lining up to see them and getting an appointment is proving tricky, even with NHS emergency backing.

At present the dentist still isn't doing fillings or root canals, but he is now doing extractions and I am so desperate that I have opted for this option asap. They have confirmed they will be calling me tomorrow for triage, which sounds like I might not see a dentist tomorrow either. So, I am spending my time managing the pain with meds, gels and things. I've had a course of antibiotics also.

Essentially, I am saying that it is unlikely there will be many, if any, episodes this week from my channel. I'm gutted, but currently talking isn't really possible and after I've had an extraction, talking won't be possible for a day or two while I recover. I sure hope I can get to see the dentist real soon so I can just get back to work without the tooth issue hanging over me. I am really enjoying Parkitect and Project Hospital right now and a break from them ISN'T what I want.

With the pandemic, risks of dentistry is very real for them. I understand the delays and slow progress, which is very much having a knock-on effect to my work and channel. I just wanted to say thank you for your patience during this time while I try to get it sorted.

More Detail

20th July 2020

Hello Peeps!

It has been amazing returning to one episode a day. I've been able to get back to longer gameplay resulting in greater content per episode and much better editing across the board. It has felt liberating to get back to my roots in this manner. Nothing has been rushed or forced and I have felt good about what I have been producing. May it long continue.

Last week we briefly looked at Builders of Egypt that is due out early next year. The feedback I received was fantastic! It seems many peeps are super excited for that series which is just so wonderful, having such positive support for a series I am chomping at the bit to make. You all rock so much.

Does mean I need a new series now though. I haven't felt like I want to play more of Tropico 6 or Sims 3 at this time, I do fancy something new to the channel and I am keen for a business management sim I can really sink my teeth into, Parkitect seemed to fit the bill. I am a huge fan of Roller Coaster Tycoon games and Theme Park. Parkitect is basically those two titles put into a mixer, with a healthy dollop of their own business management aspect thrown in. The focus of this game better suits my gameplay sensibilities than titles like Planet Coaster which seem woefully lacking in this area. So, I figured it was about time I showed Parkitect my love for its beautiful craftmanship and challenging management aspects.

Back To Normal

13th July 2020

Hello Peeps!

It has been an amazing few months on the channel. Animal Crossing saw a boost for Blarla across the board, views, Discord, Patreon. I've met so many new peeps and had a really great time with the game.

As much fun as I am having with Animal Crossing it does have to be said that I've' been missing my business management sims and a schedule that feels more manageable. So this week, after many months, we see the channel return to one episode a day and getting back to the bread butter of Blarla.

This week will see an increase in Project Hospital episodes, which have been proving popular, plus, a new short series will begin showcasing a demo of a game I have been looking forward to for a very long time. While we won't get to the play the game here on Blarla until early 2021, I thought we could at least check out this great prologue that is available for Builders of Egypt right now. Very much a modern Pharaoh or Children of Nile for anybody familiar with those titles.

Toothache Sucks!

6th July 2020

Hello Peeps!

It is very possible that some of you might be wondering what on Earth happened to me and my content last week? As the title hints at, I had toothache, horrific, extremely painful toothache. It brought me to my knees, I couldn't eat, sleep, work, nothing. Now, I would like to say that I saw a dentist and all is fixed and well again, alas, this isn't the case. Due to the current pandemic, dentists are not currently open and are refusing to see even emergency cases it would seem. I spoke with the emergency NHS line who confirmed I needed a dentist urgently and I spoke with my dentist, but that is where it stopped. He said when they open, hopefully in a couple of weeks, he will see me. Terrifying thought at the time but luckily the pain and trouble with it does seem to have passed for now. Luckily being the operative word here. So, for now, I am good and creating content again. Let it be known however, that it could all go Pete Tong very quickly.

The Animal Crossing fans might notice that it is looking thin on the ground. Yes, I am looking to reduce the Animal Crossing content, this is for a few reasons. One, I am keen to push forward with the landscaping of my island and take you all along for the ride. These episodes offer more meat but also take many hours to make. These episodes are slow to produce and so take more time. Two, I am just very keen to progress with my island and quick to make, numerous episodes hinder that progress. So if less episodes means greater progress, then I'm all for it. And three, I am starting to enjoy other games and keen to start mixing up the content I am offering rather than it all being Animal Crossing. That said, any special events or big updates released will be covered on the day it lands. I won't be changing that.

I think that is all for this week. I hope you are all well and thank you for sticking by me during these dodge few weeks. Means a lot.

Slow Start

22nd June 2020

Hello Peeps!

Well, what a crazy week my first week back was. My plan was to have the Animal Crossing episodes release and work on additional content for the following week, like the return of Patreon only content and a new series I have in the works. Was going well until Thursday evening.

For those that are not aware, I built a new PC about a month or so ago. I found Thursday evening there was a big firmware update for my new motherboard, so I updated. As my luck with PCs would have it, it destroyed my Windows 10 install. I mean, completely, I couldn't even get into Safe mode, start-up repair, nothing. I tried everything, but no luck, I had to do a fresh install of Windows 10. I do back-up my files on my server so nothing was really 'lost', but it is a very time consuming process to reinstall EVERYTHING on my computer and re-instate all the settings I use for my hardware and software recording and editing programs. Was a nightmare and my Friday of working was consumed by it.

I spent Saturday working on the Patreon content however, which is going out this week. The main thing is everything appears normal from YouTube channel side, so I am relieved for that. The chaos it is causing with my workflow has been fairly large, but slowly returning to a regular schedule.

In terms of content, I am starting to eye-up the return of The Sims 3, but without having lots of other series running, I do have more time to sink into Animal Crossing which is allowing for large island landscaping to take place. So, I think I shall embrace that for a bit. Also, the Bug-Off in AC is this weekend, so instead of a Friday episode, there will be a Saturday episode so I can share the event on the day it occurs.

I hope you are all well. Stay safe peeps.

I'm Back!

15th June 2020

Hello Peeps!

I had a great week off! It was just what I needed, I'm energised and ready to make videos again.

It takes time to get videos made and off the ground, so this week will only see the return of Animal Crossing, but I shall be recording and sorting the new Patreon series this week to go out next Monday and Tuesday.

I am very undecided about the return of Tropico and The Sims 3 because that mystery item is still withholding details on when I might be able to schedule it in. For all I know I could need to start it in a couple of days or in a couple of months, I just don't know. It would be such a shame to bring one back and then suddenly shelve it again. So instead I am going to start a new series next week that won't be too long in length and something I have been enjoying playing lately. Will give me time to work out how I want to proceed with the series on hold that are much longer.

I hope you are all well and are looking forward to some new Blarla vids!

Time Off

8th June 2020

Hello Peeps!

As mentioned previously, I won't be around much this week. I am just very keen to get away from my PC and get a bit of R&R, maybe spend some time in the garden, fresh air and sun...these concepts are fairly alien to me, but I figured I might give it a go.

I hope you all have a good week and enjoy the few Animal Crossing episodes that will come out this week. And hopefully I will feel more relaxed and refreshed on the other side. I'm also expecting some news on that mystery game on the schedule, hopefully I'll know more on it soon. As I don't wish to return to one of the games on hold, only to shelve it again a week later because the new game as movement.

Be excellent to each other.

Summer Is Here!

1st June 2020

Hello Peeps!

A new schedule colour for a new season. Summer is upon us and so we are changing to a nice, plush green. Say it together everyone, ooooooooooo.

While having holiday time from Youtube isn't really possible, I have deicded to take next week off, sort of. Animal Crossing will continue as normal next week but no other content will be produced. I'm hoping this will be enough for me to recuperate, as I have been struggling to get my mojo back.

This will have a knock on effect into the week following for things like Patreon Only series. But I can assure you a new one is on the way, expect to see it arrive Monday 22nd June.

Good Company Over!

27th May 2020

Hello Peeps!

It would seem after a PC change over the weekend, my Good Company save didn't make it unscathed and is in fact, corrupted. Sorry to say this will bring a sudden end to the series. I am pleased I managed to finish the second to last level before I lost the save however.

Lockdowns Are Relaxing

25th May 2020

Hello Peeps!

Good Company is repidly coming to an end. It is possible that I might now have enough game to finish this week. We shall see. If I do run out of Good Company, this week or next, please know that it will not be replaced with a new series.

With more and more locations relaxing lockdowns, and given the crazy amount of content I have been smashing out during this insane time, I am keen to reduce to more normal and manageable levels. Producing four series a week and up to three episodes a day, has seen me working in excess of 80 hours a week. I has been nuts. It is now time for it to relax a little before I crash and burn.


18th May 2020

Hello Peeps!

World 2 of the free update has arrived for Two Point Hospital R.E.M.I. X. I enjoy these and have been looking forward to what the next world has to offer.

I would also like to say a HUGE thank you to all the peeps in the discord. Animal Crossing has seen an EXPLOSION of new peeps and activity in the discord. Everyone is so kind and generous, sharing and giving. The atmosphere is so positive and vibrant. You are all such a dream to have as peeps.

Pretty Tired Now

11th May 2020

Hello Peeps!

Producing four different series a week has taken its toll on me and I am pretty shattered. I am thankful for this rest period before tackling the new Two Point Hospital R.E.M.I. X next week. Although, I al really excited for it also.

OTG DLC Complete

5th May 2020

Hello Peeps!

Two Point Hospital Off The Grid DLC comes to an end this week. A single episode of Two Point Hospital Extra will be released covering the latest item pack available for purchase, but then I shall leave the 5pm BST slot empty for a week, as something new is brewing.

High Volumes Continue

27th April 2020

Hello Peeps!

No changes this week. All is as it was last week. As you were.

New Patreon Only Series

20th April 2020

Hello Peeps!

A new Patreon Only series is starting from today. It is the third series in the ongoing story, so plenty to catch up on if you are a new V.I.Peep Radical or above.

Another change this week is Animal Crossing will no longer have weekend episodes (unless I stream or there is an event on). Since the launch of Animal Crossing I hadn't a day off until yesterday and given activities are reaching fairly normal levels in AC, I thought this was a reduction to episdoes that could now happen. Which will also give me my weekends back to myself, which I am very excited about! I hope you all understand.

Jam Packed

13th April 2020

Hello Peeps!

Content is still jam packed this week, with one big change. From Wednesday, Animal Crossing and Good Company will swap places. Meaning Animal Crossing will release at 9pm BST and Good Company will release at 5pm BST. This allows me more time to work on AC episodes and cover the day's activities.

Small update to my Patrons. Last week I changed how I record my content, meaning this week I have a whole extra day to record something new, which will be a new Patreon Only series. It will be ready for you awesome peeps next week.

Stay Safe Peeps!

6th April 2020

Hello Peeps!

With so many of us around the world on lockdown, in our homes, I've decided to keep the high release volume going. One of the main reasons my channel started was to give peeps with various anxities to have something easy, fun and safe to watch. By safe, I mean it will never, or should never, cause thoughts to turn to something unpleasant, or trigger any negative feelings. I work to keep every episode I produce true to this.

With this in mind, all my content will be pandemic free, this also include my community areas like discord. Blarla will remain a safe, happy place, full of stuff to watch and activity on the discord to keep you all distracted, busy and mostly, to keep us all positive during these trying times.

Stay safe and keep each other safe!

Variety Blarla

30th March 2020

Hello Peeps!

Many have been asking about Sims 3 returning. It will return, as will Tropico 6, but as the schedule confirms, not until further notice. They are older games, especially Sims 3, and as such will take a back seat to new releases I am interested in creating content on.

2020, unlike previous years, actually has a lot of new games I wish to play. Many happening right now! Meaning the new few weeks should see a nice bariety of content to view.

Be Seeing You!

23rd March 2020

Hello Peeps!

If you like the new Animal Crossing New Horizons game, then you will love this week on my channel. More ACNH than you can shake a stick at. Join me on the lovely island of Peepsville.

Animal CrossinG

16th March 2020

Hello Peeps!

After the shenanigans last week with schedules, I am a little nervous releasing this schedule.

For the first few days of the Animal Crossing release, there could be as many as three episodes a day, all an hour long. This will take a down tick next week, but there will be lots to cover early in the game. So video releases of AC might be a little all over the place during Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Off The Grid DLC

13th March 2020

Hello Peeps!

A quick update just to show what exactly it was that crashed the Sims party now that embargo has lifted.

Change Of Plan

11th March 2020

Hello Peeps!

This happens from time-to-time. I have a plan, but then everything changes due to an email.

The Sims 3 almost got its day in the sun, but instead one of those super mystery items crashed the party and has taken priority.

I am so sorry to all the Sims lovers out there, we will get back to it soon.

Double Sims

9th March 2020

Hello Peeps!

This week sees lots of Sims before Animal Crossing New Horizons release next week. So if you like the Sims, it's a good week on my channel.

5000 Subscribers

2nd March 2020

Hello Peeps!

This week sees the R.E.M.I. X series come to an end. Also, due to a couple of visits to the amazing SEGA and Two Point Studios, I wasn't able to produce this week's Patreon Only content. My apologies. Next week it will return though, with a new series.

This week also saw my channel reach 5000 subscribers. Thank you so much to all those that made this milestone possible. My channel does grow very slowly due to my insane desire to play older games and until they are complete. So this milestone means even more to me because you stayed with me and watch these long series I have a habit of making. It means the world to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

New Weekly Schedule

24th February 2020

Hello Peeps!

I've decided to start releasing an update of my planned release schedule in a nice glossy graphic each week. I've been getting many questions about when certain videos are due for release in a day. What series I planning to do soon, if a series is due to return or not and things of this nature.

This weekly update should answer the vast majority of those questions and keep all peeps up-to-date with what I am working on and planning in the near future. It won't cover long term plans of which games I would like to get on my channel, because that is a long list and it takes me quite a bit of time to get through a game play as I like to complete games as much as possible on my channel.

This schedule will be released here on the website, on the discord via the #Schedule channel, on YouTube via the Community tab on my channel and I will also pin it on my Twitter and Facebook pages. This gives plenty of chance for all to see it no matter where you like to stay up-to-date from.

Each season the background will change, starting will the final one of the winter month, which is a cold blue colour.