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CPN - What I Did with My January Off

8th February 2019

Hello Peeps!

Where to begin? I actually did loads during January and it was all Blarla related. Yes, the truth is...I worked the entirety of the month, I just wasn't producing content. But this gave me so much time to bring you a bunch of new features and updates once before only dreamt about! So what did I get up to?

Official Blarla Website

For the longest time I've had an 'Under Construction' page for this website showing, which resulted in peeps contacting me constantly asking when they might actually get a proper website. What has been most frustrating for me is this site has been functioning, hidden away, for about 12 months at this point. It is dynamic across platforms, adjusts to different screen sizes and all kinds, but I have never had the time to do all the lovely graphics for it and as you can tell, I still haven't.

So I thought I could get it mostly functioning and start using it for a few bits while I try to find time to work on the Videos and Gallery pages, along with making all the graphics. Currently, we have a full FAQ section, the Patreon page, a working contact section and of course a place for all the Blarla news! So I know it isn't finished and looks like a house in the middle of decorating and moving in, but surely it's a step in the right direction!?

Content Updates

I have made some changes and am still making some changes to all the content you can expect to get from me moving forwards. Starting with the main area of my content,YouTube.

My YouTube channel became very one dimensional last year. While I love Two Point Hospital and all the amazing things that has come from it, I still need to be aware that my channel isn't only a Two Point channel, but a gaming channel for simulation and business strategy games. So during 2019 I will return to other content I have left hanging while also starting on some new games.

We've already seen the return of the hugely requested MySims series and Jurrasic World Evolution will be returning next week for its end of series run. This will pave the way for new series on the horizon. Don't worry, Two Point Hospital will continue, it will just have other things joining it. I hope you like the series plans I have!

My Twitch and streaming will be changing also. I've left the Twitch affliate program so that I have the freedom to multistream across various platforms at once. While peeps have been extremely supportive via Twitch, I am keen to have my content more widely available and unfortunately that doesn't fit with Twitch's world view. So I have washed my hands of their restrictions and now I am FREE to stream across YouTube, Twich, Mixer, Steam, Facebook and more all at once. I can even take up offers for big multistreams with large companies that I've previously had to turn down due to Twitch's T&Cs. Well no more!

The B-Team

One thing I spent a lot of time on was 'The B-Team'. In short, I need help from peeps who enjoy my stuff and want to get more involved. What do I need help with? Well, Blarmania and the community at large. I am looking for peeps to moderate stream chats, to manage social platforms like the Blarmania Steam group, my Reddit page and more. I'm a tiny little woman and just can't do it all myself!

I wrote some documents and stuck them online, so should anyone wish to help me run this amazing community that is Blarmania, then everything is available for you to apply, know what needs doing, how to share your ideas, how to get them implemented and anything else that might benefit from your attention. In return I offer CV references and/or letters of recommendation to those who do a really great job. This is especially useful to anybody who is seriously interested in getting into Community or Social Management for a living. I have a growing community in need of management. It is practical, provable, hands on experience.

If you are interested in helping me look after Blarmania and helping it grow, then please check out The B-Team and see what you think HERE.


I launched a Patreon. I've had a growing number of requests for a Patreon over the past couple of years and decided to get one underway. I thought it might serve as a nice place to support me, now I don't use any other services that platforms offer that would generate an income for me. Tiers are done by 'coolness' and there are many rewards available, such as exclusive series, name in the game, advertising space on my website, video shoutouts, potential free game codes, private channels in Discord, playing games and hanging out with me, all kinds. There is even physical merch!

So if you do enjoy what I do and would like to support and help me keep it going, then please check out my Patreon and consider becoming a Very Important Peep (VIP).

I think that about covers it. I hope for the next news to get a bit more colour involved so it is less like a wall of text. Thank you for reading this far, you are truely an awesome and dedicated peep!

Be Excellent To Each Other

Central Peeping News

6th August 2018

Welcome Peeps!

I have been planning Blarla channel updates and news for sometime and finally believe we have grown to a point where you might be interested in reading it! These updates will normally be much shorter, but this first one is a big one because we cover some history, but we all like big ones, right?

So welcome, for the first time ever to Peeping Central News with me, Blarla

A Bit of History

It has been pretty crazy on the content front recently. Since launch my channel content has been a little all over the place due to an unusual and sudden growth with Rust, but I am a simulation player, so the aim was to always be a simulation channel.

It was during the run of my Theme Hospital series that I heard about Two Point Hospital and after discovering their long-term plans, should everything go well, involving a whole series of ‘little people’ games based in Two Point County I knew the future of my channel.

I rushed through some short series for simulation games currently under construction and started Jurassic World Evolution in hopes of starting to set simulation content and feel for my channel and hopefully attract more simulation and strategy viewers. What I didn’t count on was Two Point Studios (TPS) being so incredibly generous and kind and giving me access to an early demo version of Two Point Hospital (TPH).

I instantly put everything on hold, including the opportunity to play and help support King Under the Mountain, but more on that later. I’ve never really been a streamer but I wanted to play TPH so much and wanted to share it even more, so I felt compelled to stream it. And stream it I did, lots.

Streams & Content

Because I’m a very small content creator amongst some fairly large ones, I knew I needed to do things a little different so that my streams would stand out. I focused much more on showcasing aspects of the game that live viewers wanted to see. We purposely set fire to things, made machines explode, checked out illnesses in detail, jumped around hospitals to find what you guys wanted to see. I was even lucky enough to have TPS devs in the chat quite often which meant a lot of questions about the game were being asked and answered in the stream chat as we went. It was incredible.

During that time my Twitch channel grew by a few hundred follows, I gained affiliate status AND I overcome many of my anxieties about streaming games live. It was a truly amazing experience and I would like to thank everyone for making those streams what they were.

I am currently editing those streams into one-hour segments and uploading them to YouTube.

In the future I have decided to start streaming more frequently, not only on Twitch, but on YouTube and Mixer as well. I am currently setting up graphics, tech and such to make streaming easier than it already is and have been reading all the fun T&Cs of the services. Sometimes I will stream on Twitch and other times I will stream on YouTube and Mixer at the same time, as these two services have no restrictions regarding multiple platform streaming. Boo Twitch!

Streams won’t be regimented to set days, hours, length or titles played. Over the past two and half years I have actually played very little of games just for me, titles I enjoy, want to play and such, because all my time is sunk into content creation. So, you can expect my streams to be calm, relaxed, ad hoc times and games that I simply just feel like playing for an evening. Games I would most likely stream are The Sims (mainly) but also Rimworld, Skylines, Prison Architect, all kinds of simulation games.

Youtube & Content

YouTube hasn’t been left out of the TPH love, Jurassic World Evolution and King Under the Mountain plans were shelved and a new short series of TPH started. Again, I knew my series had to bring something different, so I really focused on the game mechanics, how deep this simulation game actually goes, how to manage the hospital as it grows rather than as an afterthought. It has been received insanely well, I couldn’t be more thrilled! The channel broke 2k subscribers during this time, hitting new viewing records, highest subs per day I’ve seen since Rust and incredible feedback and support from everyone. Thank you all so much!

I asked the question should I start over when TPH is released or carry on from the same point. We’ve had a lot of voting in both camps but starting over won by a landslide. When Two Point Hospital releases we will start from the beginning but we won’t be covering quite the slow-paced detail we did in the demo version. The pace will pick up, and what is explained will be done more briefly and in smaller parts.

Current Series Updates

With Two Point Hospital now gone until launch we will return with Jurassic World Evolution.

MySims has been quiet for a long time and here is why. I was struggling to Best Friend Cassandra in the game, which halted new episodes coming out. Then I got a new PC, even more modern and slick than the last one. It has caused problems running MySims. It does run and sometimes works perfectly; other times it’s unplayable. I am ironing out the problems. But rest assured that it will return and we will complete it.

Community News

It’s not all about Blarla, it is about you guys, every single Peep that makes any of this possible. So, what has been going on in the community during these crazy times. Some new Peeps might even be asking, what communities for Blarla are there!?

* Reddit & Facebook are two platforms used to help share my written word mostly. They are great for things just like this, the news, but have also featured the popular #PeepingAtTwoPointHospital series. Facebook receives much greater traffic than Reddit which is a shame. Reddit is a great way to post about my content, platforms, share ideas and thoughts and talk to me. Nobody has been brave enough to start posting yet, but when they do, it will be very exciting!
* Steam Group, Blarmania, is growing, constantly. It now has over 100 members! I review games, share fan art, videos, screenshots and more.
* Twitter is the best place to follow for me for alerts to all video releases and streams, but also great for the occasional real life daily activity and pictures, what games I am interested in, and general shenanigans.
* Discord This community is by far the biggest of all and seems to be a growing, unstoppable force. We now have almost 200 members with people joining every day. There is a wonderful comradery in this Blarmania community.

It will ping you with all content releases and streams, with a new feature just released allowing you to opt out or back in for content and news pings. As we know how annoying push alerts to phones can be.

I update my every activity live so you know exactly what I am working on and when. You even get to see thumbnails early, clues to new features and series coming. As I write this the #from_blarla channel currently reads ‘Admin: Writing PPC News. A new thing!’

There is a whole section just for Two Point stuff! It has its own welcome channel to help you find your feet, an updates section for all things Two Point and a chat where we can talk about Two Point, not just for TP Hospital but all future TP games and the studio as well.

A newly launched Gaming section. #gaming_news is where I post updates about games I am currently interested in following the development of. #gaming_chat is where Peeps can talk about anything gaming, find others to play games with, talk about any title that interests them, share links to games they want to recommend or share sales currently happening.

There is a list of voice channels you can join to hang out with other Peeps, have a giggle and play games. There is a general text chat channel for everything else and even a sharing channel! Should you read something funny on reddit and feel the urge to share the fun times with other Peeps!

If all this wasn’t enough we are still expanding and looking for new ways to improve our Discord community.

Thank You

If you made it this far well done, you deserve a glass of something. I can’t ever imagine future news being this packed, but we had a lot to cover to bring everyone up to speed.

I would LOVE to have a Q&A section of the news, so please feel free to contact via any of the social media platforms mentioned with any questions you have and I will try my best to answer them in the next PPC News. Doesn’t have to be about me either, can be about the brand, channels, games, anything.

Thank you to all the amazing Peeps watching, reading and taking part. You’re are the best.

Happy Gaming Peeps!